A picture book coming 2020​​



To pass time, Maverick acts like a bully and picks on tiny Pogo, the neighbor’s dog. He chases squirrels and cats. And creates chaos through the neighborhood. But what if Maverick can convince his owner to take him to Doggy Heaven Daycare? The ULTIMATE daycare with everything a dog could dream of – a doggy playground, doggy massage therapist, doggie dream houses, a bone station, a car chasing treadmill, and FRIENDS!
 A Picture Book Coming 2020
A lonely homeless girl named Faith builds a snowfriend named Mabel, and magical things begin to happen. Faith longs for warmth, food, and a new home. It seems Mabel has the ability to make her dreams come true. The power of generosity, friendship, and love carry Faith’s belief in magic. Faith is unaware of the boy who watches, listens, and helps in every way he knows how.

While this is a magical story, it brings to light a serious issue. According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, a staggering 2.5 million children are now homeless each year in America. This historic high represents one in every 30 children in the United States. Children are homeless in every city, county, and state throughout our country. According to the National Center for Homeless Education, there are 1,258,182 homeless students, according to newly released data from the National Center for Homeless Education enrolled in American public schools.

I wrote this story to bring awareness to all children. I also wrote it to give a voice and hope to homeless children. There are no magical fixes for a homeless life. But I wanted to share the message that like the secret giver in this story, lending a helping hand and doing what we can to help others does create a certain kind of magic.